Its that beautiful time of the year, food fills the table spreading so much cheer, I should be eating healthy, but that plate of cranberry bliss bars has my name written all over it. The holiday seasons are a wonderful way to bring everyone together, and what better way to do that than with food. As we immerse ourselves into the fun-filled social atmosphere, that plate of deep fried mozzarella sticks that you happen to be standing next to seems extra appealing all of a sudden and that extra piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake? YES PLEASE. No doubt, during the holiday season, we feel justified to give ourselves tons of rewards for all the hard work we have done throughout the year however, its also important to still feel satisfied from those rewards long after the events are over. There are many ways we can enjoy this wonderful holiday season and still ring in 2015 with the #Ifeelgreat!

Here are a few tips to stay feeling great during your event and well after:

1. Everything in moderation. Keep in mind all 4 food groups (i.e. grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables and meat). For those deliciously indulgent treats, enjoy them in small portions. That way, not only are you not over indulging but you will still be able to enjoy other treats as well. Dont put all your cookies into one cookie jar, know what I mean?

2. If your salads are looking a little bare, dress them with fresh cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets and instead of using full fat ranch dressing, opt for the low fat dip, hummus, yogurt with herbs or fresh salsa.

3. Make sure you stay hydrated. Now, I know, those Starbucks holiday drinks can be very tempting, the caramel brule latteneed I say more? However, those drinks shouldnt be your only fluid consumption for the day. Sparkling water and cranberry juice spritzers are great choices for staying trendy during the holiday season.

4. The holiday season is also a great way to stay active with fun winter sports and activities. Plan a ski/snowboard trip to whistler or go skating at the Robson ice skating rink Downtown. If winter sports are just not your thing, go for a nice brisk walk around the neighbourhood, take a breath of that fresh crisp air and enjoy your neighbourhoods festive decorations but make sure you keep warm while doing so!

5. Maintain your weight throughout the holiday season by eating three meals a day. Some of us might think that not eating breakfast or lunch can allow you to indulge at your holiday dinner that evening, but that it far from the truth. If you know you will be eating a full meal later that evening, still aim for 3 meals that day starting with breakfast, this will prevent you from over eating and you will still be able to enjoy everything.

So, savour your food, by eating less you will be able to enjoy it even more and your cravings can still be satisfied. In the end, enjoy your holidays, incorporate healthy recipes into your holiday cooking and remember everything in moderation. #Ifeelgreat!